ProSkin LF® contains mare’s milk

Mare’s milk is the most similar to human milk in its content and properties, thus it is so well tolerated by humans. The beneficial influence of mare’s skin both on skin and whole human body has been known for ages and is well documented. In Germany, Austria and Italy a lot of research have been carried out on the use of mare’s milk in medicine. Numerous examples prove its medical properties. They have been described in scientific and specialized press and many professional books, e.g. by Dr Seidl from Austria (W. Seidl, T. Derler-Tochterle; "StutenmilchalsHeilnahrung").

As drinking mare’s milk on a regular basis is practically impossible (high price and low availability), there have been introduced dietary supplements which contain mare’s milk in the form of capsules. In Western Europe the use of mare’s milk in capsules has gained many followers. An example of such a product is ProSkin Lf– capsules containing mare’s milk.

ProSkin LF® is a modern nutricosmetic based on mare’s milk which contains more than 40 bioactive ingredients aimed at treating skin diseases.

How does ProSkin LF® work?

ProSkin LF® is a nutricosmetic. To ensure effective work, you need to take it on a regular basis, every day, in an appropriate dose. If you weigh less than 60 kg it is recommended to take 1 capsule a day, it you weigh more than 60 kg – 2 capsules a day. To maintain good skin hydration, the patient must strictly follow the recommendations. It is usually obtained after approximately 3 months. The full effect is produced when the bioactive substances present in the product are distributed within the body by the blood system and reach all organs. Saturation of skin and mucous membranes takes place at the end of the process and it provides full hydration and skin firmness. Such effects cannot be achieved by applying only creams and body lotions because they affect only the epidermis (skin surface) which is a thin, outermost skin layer.

Good hydration of skin deep layers is a determining factor for its general condition, look and elasticity. Its dryness, on the other hand, causes peeling, itching, fosters infections and leads to wrinkles.

Who should use ProSkin LF®?

ProSkin LF® is recommended:

ProSkin LF® makes it easier to live with dry skin.

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How does Proskin LF work

Do you know that Proskin LF® contains more than 40 bioactive ingredients so it works in a comprehensive way?

What are the merits of mare’s milk?

Do you know that mare’s milk consumption has beneficial effect on the appearance and skin condition of patients suffering from psoriasis?

Complex effect

Only continuous and COMPREHENSIVE skin care may bring a relief to patients suffering from psoriasis.

Awards and distinctions

Proskin LF preparation received an award in the competition Golden Seal of Nature– Nutricosmetic 2011.

Positive opinions

"I discovered that I don’t need to apply cream so often."

Marta, Warsaw

Diet for psoriasis

Are you aware that proper diet increases the effectiveness of the treatment of skin diseases?

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