Positive opinions

„For years I have been treated with Neotigason or exposed to irradiation because of psoriasis. During my treatment, the itching skin and dryness in the area of nose and lips was a huge problem. Two years ago, I started using Proskin LF on regular basis. Dryness and itching started to diminish with time. I don’t need to use nasal moisturizers or hydrating lipsticks anymore. Moreover, after a bath I don’t have a skin burning sensation and I don’t need to put extra cream on.”

Piotr, Sosnowiec

„Due to psoriasis I have always suffered from dry skin and dry nose mucous membranes. I have been taking Proskin LF for a year now and my nasal mucous membranes are in much better condition, and so is the skin.”

Barbara, Ożarów

„My work requires constant hand washing. After each time, I had to use a hand cream, because my skin was so dehydrated. After using Proskin for a while, I discovered that I don’t need to apply cream so often.”

Marta, Warsaw

„In autumn, winter and early spring I used to have rough and dry skin on hands. Since I started taking Proskin, i.e. about a year and half ago, skin on my hands became perfectly smooth, no matter the weather.”

Danuta, Grójec

„I’m 32 and for 5 years I have been suffering from pustular psoriasis. The changes are present on my feet and hands. The Proskin preparation which I have been taking for 8 months is really effective, however it took some time. I’m satisfied and I‘m definitely going to be your customer.”

Julia, Łask

„I have been suffering from general psoriasis for 20 years. It has been treated in various ways. I visited doctors and herbalists but nobody could really help me as my skin was still itchy and the red spots appeared occasionally. I have been taking Proskin for 4 and a half month now and at least my skin is not so itchy and I hope that the spots will disappear in a while – the summer is coming and I keep wearing long sleeves and can’t go on holidays.”

Zbyszek, Zawiercie

„I’m 54 and I have been taking Proskin for a year. I’m really satisfied because I don’t scratch myself at night anymore and finally the spots are changing the color to more natural. It seems that the longer you take Proskin, the better it works.”

Krzysztof, Wrocław

„I’m very satisfied with the effects of Proskin in my 5-year-old daughter. Matylda has had atopic dermatitis since she was born and I couldn’t stop her scratching herself to draw blood. For the last 6 months the situation has definitely improved. Thank you very much.”

Monika, Opole

„Both me and my husband have been suffering from psoriasis for many years. My husband also suffers from arthritis due to psoriasis. The prescribed ointments help for a short time, besides the amount in the tube is not enough for the whole body. For 2 years we’ve been taking Proskin and I can see a significant improvement - I haven’t got bladder infections anymore which were always connected with new spots.”

Zofia, Warsaw

„I’ve been suffering from psoriasis for almost 40 years. There were some up and down periods, but I have always had skin irritation after contact with water. Bath or shower used to be a real nightmare because I always have spots on my back and it’s really difficult to apply cream to my back on my own. I have been taking Proskin for a year but in the last couple of months I’ve noticed that the pain connected with my skin dehydration has reduced. It does work, I can oil my skin without pain or haste.”

Andrzej, Brzeg

„I’ve been suffering from plaque psoriasis for years, I have even applied for biological treatment but they say that the changes on my skin are not extensive enough though I think it’s almost all over my body. I’m in the middle of the irradiation treatment, I apply ointments and I’m about to finish the 6th package of Proskin. It’s better, yet I can’t tell which one of the factors worked. My skin is definitely less itchy and it peels off less.”

Bożena, Małkinia

„I have been taking Proskin for 2 years. I’m satisfied because my skin is not so itchy anymore which was the worst thing for me because I kept catching tinea or bacteria. The exanthemas have been gone for a year until last week when I got spots but I think it’s because my daughter-in-law lost her job. I’m going to carry on taking Proskin because I still don’t scratch myself as before.”

Helena, Szklarska Poręba

„Hurray! For the first time in 10 years I can wear shorts on the street. Proskin is a marvel, I’ve been taking it since January and it works, I’m delighted!”

Kasia, Mrągowo

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How does Proskin LF work

Do you know that Proskin LF® contains more than 40 bioactive ingredients so it works in a comprehensive way?

What are the merits of mare’s milk?

Do you know that mare’s milk consumption has beneficial effect on the appearance and skin condition of patients suffering from psoriasis?

Complex effect

Only continuous and COMPREHENSIVE skin care may bring a relief to patients suffering from psoriasis.

Awards and distinctions

Proskin LF preparation received an award in the competition Golden Seal of Nature– Nutricosmetic 2011.

Positive opinions

"I discovered that I don’t need to apply cream so often."

Marta, Warsaw

Diet for psoriasis

Are you aware that proper diet increases the effectiveness of the treatment of skin diseases?

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