The whole mystery consists in this: behind what is seen lies what is not seen.
Let us accustom ourselves, then, not to judge things solely by what is seen, but rather by what is not seen.

Frederic Bastiat

It is an accurate observation that reflects well the approach to skin problems. We care about what is seen, i.e. the surface of our skin, spend loads of money on cosmetics and care treatment because the effects are visible at once. Unfortunately, it is not enough.

Skin is like an iceberg - what you can see is only the tip and the core of the problem is in its deep layers beyond the reach of cream, and the general condition of the body which is not visible. We forget that skin is a protective barrier and we can penetrate it efficiently only from the inside.

To keep the skin healthy, supple and well-hydrated, you need appropriate supplementation, healthy diet and particular care of your liver. Then, the effects appear gradually but shall be long-lasting.

We provide you with comprehensive and effective solution for dehydrated, itchy skin typical for psoriasis.

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(the invisible)


ProSkin LFdietary supplement, contains concentrated mare’s milk

Due to its health and immunity-supporting properties, mare’s milk has been used for ages to support the treatment of many diseases, including skin and digestive system diseases. It is one of the few sources of orotic acid (vitamin B13) which prevents steatosis and protects the liver from toxins. Proskin LF capsules preserve all beneficial properties of mare’s milk. Its multidirectional influence ‘from the inside’ provides, among others, nutrition of the deep layers of the skin (what is not seen) as well as it soothes severe itching and supports the process of creating well-moisturized and supple skin. Complex skin care is indispensable, especially during menopause and in dermatological diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or acne. In these cases skin and mucous membrane dryness is particularly uncomfortable.

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Skin diseases are usually connected with incorrect liver functioning and unhealthy diet.


Livenorma dietary supplement, that contains 3 plant extracts providing a synergistic effect which stimulates the liver functioning.

If the liver does not function properly, it is not able to remove toxic substances from the blood. Their presence in the body causes many ailments, including skin problems such as infections, redness and itching.

Livenorm effectively supports the functioning of the liver by supplementing the effect of dermatological products.

Skin structure


According to a report published in 2013 by the World Health Organization (WHO), healthy diet and body mass control
are essential in psoriasis treatment.

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For the epidermis

(what you can see)

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15|Dr Michaels - Enlarged set|650 16|Naturally Vital Fibre|16

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How does Proskin LF work

Do you know that Proskin LF® contains more than 40 bioactive ingredients so it works in a comprehensive way?

What are the merits of mare’s milk?

Do you know that mare’s milk consumption has beneficial effect on the appearance and skin condition of patients suffering from psoriasis?

Complex effect

Only continuous and COMPREHENSIVE skin care may bring a relief to patients suffering from psoriasis.

Awards and distinctions

Proskin LF preparation received an award in the competition Golden Seal of Nature– Nutricosmetic 2011.

Positive opinions

"I discovered that I don’t need to apply cream so often."

Marta, Warsaw

Diet for psoriasis

Are you aware that proper diet increases the effectiveness of the treatment of skin diseases?

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