Health benefits of mare’s milk

Thanks to Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego w Poznaniu and the authors of the work "CHARAKTERYSTYKA I WŁAŚCIWOŚCI PROZDROWOTNE MLEKA KLACZY" (CHARACTERISTICS AND HEALTH PROPERTIES OF MARE’S MILK) we can quote some fragments of this work:

Nauka Przyroda Technologie 2012, Vol 6, No. 2

ISSN 1897-7820

Section: Food and Nutrition Sciences

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"“For many years, mare’s milk has been forgotten as a food product in Europe, although until the end of 1950s it was used as a product assisting in the treatment of digestive and respiratory systems diseases, as well as migraine. In recent years, however, in such countries as Germany, France, Italy, Austria and the USA a growing interest in mare’s milk has been observed due to the possibility of its application in the diet of adults, infants and children suffering from allergy. Research confirmed that with regard to the composition and properties, mare’s milk is more similar to human milk than cow’s milk.”"

...Health properties of mare’s milk

Mare’s milk has been shown to have positive influence on patients with cardiovascular diseases, e.g. atherosclerosis, lung or bronchus diseases. It is highly valued as a part of the treatment of patients with cirrhosis. It supports treatment of osteoporosis, facilitating and boosting calcium absorption. In case of skin diseases it stimulates the build-up of granulation tissue, accelerates the healing of wounds and protects skin from fungus, bacteria or viruses. It allows patients with diabetes to diminish the dose of insulin and improves the glycemic index. It eliminates the allergens, it is well-known in treating bronchus diseases, particularly bronchial asthma and an allergy-based disease which is triggered by different allergens entering the body via the respiratory system, digestive system or skin. (CHIFALO et al., 2006). It helps in the treatment of stomach ulcers, gall bladder and pancreas inflammation. Thanks to the balanced composition of vitamins and minerals, particularly iron, it is also appropriate in treating anemia (CSAPO et al., 1995, CSAPO-KISS et al., 1995). In cases of the patients with migraine it prolongs the period between the attacks and alleviates them. Mare’s milk is also helpful in treating cancers and recovery after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, mainly due to high content of lysozyme which causes necrosis of some cancer cells (WERNER and DERLER-TOECHTERLE, 2002; KUCUKCETIN et al., 2003). Mare’s milk constitutes an auxiliary measure before vaccinations and during antibiotic treatment, it helps to detoxify the body and slows down the process of cell ageing (HÖFFKEN, 2002). High content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in an easily assimilable form (linoleic acid and linolenic acid) is beneficial for brain and nerve cells development (KOLETZKO and RODRIGUEZ-PALMERO, 1999). The research is being conducted concerning the influence of mare’s milk on patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

The results of research (LAMEK i KOCH 1997) conducted on patients with different diseases prove that drinking mare’s milk has beneficial influence on their health condition in case of general body weakness (in 85%), various skin diseases (in 65%), stomach and intestine diseases (in 60%) and liver diseases (in 55%). Mare’s milk is also used in pediatrics due to high content of EFAs which are not produced in the body and are an essential ingredient of infant formula milk. Moreover, a small content of protein and mineral salts has a beneficial impact on infants’ kidneys (ORLANDI et al., 2002).

MMF (Mares Milk Factor) and MMF Forte concentrates with collagen and calcium are produced from mare’s milk. They are effective in the following diseases: tonsillitis, flu, respiratory system inflammation, urinary tract inflammation, ear infections.”

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In addition, numerous scientific works have proven that mare’s milk contributes to:

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