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"...Proskin LF® works from the inside and effectively cares for, nourishes and hydrates the deep skin layers that ointments, creams or body lotions cannot reach."

Magda Kurzyp MPharm

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How does Proskin LF work

Do you know that Proskin LF® contains more than 40 bioactive ingredients so it works in a comprehensive way?

What are the merits of mare’s milk?

Do you know that mare’s milk consumption has beneficial effect on the appearance and skin condition of patients suffering from psoriasis?

Complex effect

Only continuous and COMPREHENSIVE skin care may bring a relief to patients suffering from psoriasis.

Awards and distinctions

Proskin LF preparation received an award in the competition Golden Seal of Nature– Nutricosmetic 2011.

Positive opinions

"I discovered that I don’t need to apply cream so often."

Marta, Warsaw

Diet for psoriasis

Are you aware that proper diet increases the effectiveness of the treatment of skin diseases?

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